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CHRISTER STOKKER KNUTSEN from NORWAY on 24-Jan-2010 wrote :- JUST IN 7683 Indiana Jones Fight on the Flying Wing

CHRISTER STOKKER KNUTSEN from NORWAY on 24-Jan-2010 wrote :-
LEGO Koncernen

På de følgende sider kan du finde masser af information om LEGO Koncernen. Du kan blandt andet læse om vores historie, resultater, etiske retningslinjer og retning for fremtiden.

Du kan også finde et Presserum med pressemeddelelser, billedbibliotek og beskrivelse af produktnyheder.

Rigtig god fornøjelse!

I vores nye årsmagasin The Brick kan du læse meget mere om LEGO Koncernen og vores mange aktiviteter over hele verden.

Du kan bestille en trykt version af The Brick ved at sende en mail til med dit navn, adresse og eventuelt en indikation af baggrunden for din interesse i magasinet.

The Brick udgives på dansk og engelsk.

CHRISTER STOKKER KNUTSEN from NORWAY on 24-Jan-2010 wrote :-
The LEGO Group is proud to provide opportunities for customers and fans to experience our company and brand first-hand!

The LEGO Ambassadors program is a community-based team of adult LEGO enthusiasts who are committed to sharing their knowledge and building expertise with the world-wide LEGO community of kids, fans and collectors. The mission of the LEGO Ambassadors is to help inspire LEGO builders of all ages and from all across the world to create, imagine, design and build.

LEGO Certified Professionals program is a community-based program for skilled adult LEGO designers and builders who have turned their hobby into a part- or full-time profession. The LEGO Certified Professionals program establishes a formal relationship between the accredited Certified Professionals and the LEGO Group that is of great benefit to both parties and the community as a whole.

CHRISTER STOKKER KNUTSEN from NORWAY on 24-Jan-2010 wrote :-
The LEGO brand is more than simply our familiar logo. It is the expectations that people have of the company – towards its products and services, and the accountability that the LEGO Group feels towards the world around it. The brand acts as a guarantee of quality and originality.

We shall achieve our mission by constantly focusing on our strong brand.

Children are our role models
Children are inquisitive, creative and imaginative – with an innate urge to learn. We must stimulate the child in each of us!

We have a definite approach to quality, and we want to be the best and most credible player in the toy business. We strive constantly to develop innovative products which promote creativity and fun-packed play.

These are the values that make the LEGO brand unique – and give us the edge on all the others. BRUTTE LØFTER I EN VERDEN STYRT FRA DAN MARK?

CHRISTER STOKKER KNUTSEN from NORWAY on 24-Jan-2010 wrote :-

CHRISTER STOKKER KNUTSEN from NORWAY on 24-Jan-2010 wrote :-
Literacy Can Be Child's Play

With Coventry University research revealing that text message abbreviations can improve a child’s literacy skills, LEGO UK reveals that essential literacy skills can be developed much earlier in a child’s life through play.

CHRISTER STOKKER KNUTSEN from NORWAY on 24-Jan-2010 wrote :-
As your child moves through the many stages of growth, we offer toys that foster creativity and encourage the development of motor skills, role-playing and problem-solving abilities. Use this site to learn about age-appropriate toys and activities, to read parenting features and to find LEGO play ideas for your children. FOUND THIS RETNINGSLINJER SOM VISSE GOVERMENT UTNYTTER SELV,

christer stokker knutsen from norway on 21-Jan-2010 wrote :-
// childrens education has no future withouth change.

Agriturismo Cà Cirigiolo from Italy on 19-Jan-2010 wrote :-
Dear friends,

come to visit a beautiful Italy.June is the ideal mounth for the clime and the price! Contact us for a special offer in our agriturismo all inclusive!!

Visit our web site for more informations


39 348.0058169


christer stokker knutsen from norway on 02-Jan-2010 wrote :-
en ting du russiske person i statskjold sammenheng russland, foreldre og dems regler mot ungdom , der du vet om det og prøver utnytte det internationalt mens du er en person som driver sammen pentagon og spiller mot universet med munn. du kunne ikke tenkt annerledes om at verden stopper bare foreldra til internationale ungdom hører på deg a?

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