Installation Instructions for Advance Print

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Unzip the file into a separate directory in your hard disk. It will contain the following files.

1. print.cgi The print script
2. config.cgi The configuration script
3. template.htm The template file to control your output
4. test.htm A sample test file
5. print1.gif Printer Picture 1
6 print2.gif Printer Picture 2
7. readme.htm This file

In the default setup, we are going to install Advance Domain in /cgi-bin/advprint on your server.

Information to collect before installation.

  1. Location of Perl on your server, its usually /usr/bin/perl.

Step 1

If your location of perl is different from /usr/bin/perl, open print.cgi and change the first line to show where perl is.

Step 2 - Config

Open config.cgi and change the following variables.

$starttag / $endtag - Specify your print tags.
$removepicture - Option to keep or remove pictures.

Accessing pages on protected areas :-

If you have a membership based area, advance print will need its own login and password to be able to access the area. Set
$protected = 1 to activate this feature and edit the $login and $password variables.

Step 3 - Controlling the output

This is the easiest part, just open the file called template.htm in your favorite html editor and edit it. Only make sure that the variable $output$ is not removed. Do not use Server Side Include in template.htm

Your files are now ready for uploading via FTP.

Step 4

Follow these instructions exactly.

On your server change to /cgi-bin directory.

Make a directory called advprint and change into it.

Change your upload method to ASCII and upload the following files, print.cgi, config.cgi, template.htm

CHMOD print.cgi to 755

Your files should now look something like this.


Step 5

We have enclosed a sample file test.htm and some printer pictures you can use. Have a look at test.htm to understand how to modify your pages to make them compatiable with Advance Print.

Problems in Installation?

If you are having problems installing our scripts, We will install it for you FREE OF CHARGE.

Please contact with the following information.

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Hope you enjoy using this Software, it you have any suggestions on how to improve it, do email us.

The Perlonline Team.

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